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The objectives of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship are as follows :

  • To groom and prepare Asian riders to participate in world championship series.
  • To act as a stepping stone for Asian national champions to expand their horizons before progressing to the international arena.
  • To act as a link between the various Asian national championships and the higher levels of racing, such as the world championship series. Asian riders can graduate to the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship after their respective national championships.
  • To provide a highly competitive racing environment that complies with the international rules and regulations set by the FIM.
  • To improve the standard of motor racing throughout the Asian region, especially since many Asian countries are still developing in this discipline and the potential champions is very vast.
  • To promote the sport of motor racing throughout the Asian region.

Since the championship inception in 1996, it has made tremendous in roads in achieving its objectives. Today, the starting grid of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship is truly international with as many as 15 countries representing the championship in its 3 race categories (SuperSports 600cc, GP125cc and Underbone 125cc). With the high number of countries represented in the championship, it is now truly the Asian GP.

Over the years, the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship has achieved the following :

  • Increased interest and awareness of motorsports in countries where motorsports are not the main focus, for example, China.
  • Allowed Asian riders to excel in racing motorcycles that are closer in power and characteristics as those used in the international arena. This will eventually allow Asian riders to make faster and smoother transitions into the World Grand Prix and the World Superbike Championships.
  • Acted as a benchmark for countries to measure their progress in motorsports, and from there, to develop concise and effective rider development programmes to improve the national standard of motor racing.

Improved the standard of motor racing in many Asian countries. The increasing participation of professional teams that comprise of riders from different nationalities has resulted in new riders coming to the fore in all race categories.