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//FIM Asia Statutes and Articles
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Article 1 – GENERAL

1.1 NAME:


An association called FIM ASIA (formerly known as Asian Motorcycle Union or UAM) has been founded by those approving these statutes. Nevertheless, FIM Asia shall continue to reserve the rights and ownership of the names and titles Asian Motorcycle Union, UAM and Union Asiatique de Motocyclisme.


The legal headquarters and executive secretariat of the FIM ASIA shall be located at a place chosen by the General Assembly. The General Assembly has the authority to change the location when necessary.

The duration of the FIM ASIA shall be unlimited. 1.4 AIM:

1.4 AIM:

The mandate of FIM ASIA shall be to develop and promote all forms of motorcycling activities in Asia and foster cooperation and friendship among its members, notably:

  • To address all questions related to the development of motorcycling in Asia.
  • To organize at least one Asian Championship motorcycle sport event per year in line with the aforesaid aim.
  • To organize camps and seminars for riders, officials, coaches and administrators from the various federations.
  • To help in the creation of programs aimed at promoting and developing motorcycle activities in all Asian countries.
  • To promote the safe and responsible use of motorcycles in both sporting and non-sporting endeavors in Asian countries.
  • To represent the interest of the motorcyclist in Asian nations and notably before the Management Council of the FIM.
  • To promote in various media the motorcycle sports and the utility of motorcycles in Asia.
  • To advance the goals, objectives and strategic development of the FIM.


FIM ASIA shall be declared a non-profit Asian association and body of the FIM. FIM ASIA shall allow no political, religious or racial discrimination within the organization.


The Asian CONU declares the reservation of rights in all titles, events, brands, organizations or company names wherever the terms Asia, ASEAN, Middle East and Pacific or any similar terms referring to the Asian CONU’s geographical jurisdiction as mentioned; as well as in all television, radio, commercial, internet and digital media such as live streaming, video, telecasts and broadcasts promoting all motorcycle events and activities under the jurisdiction of the FIM; being the continental union who holds the rights to the Continental Championship and, in exercising the rights delegated by the FIM in all two- wheel events that are held within its territorial boundaries.


Membership to FIM Asia shall be in accordance to the membership qualification and admission procedures provided in the FIM Statutes and by-laws. (e.g. A new FMN of the FIM becomes an ex officio member of FIM Asia. The fees are collected and paid to the FIM and partially retroceded to the CONU…)

2.1 MEMBERS: 2.1.1 Full members:

FIM ASIA is composed of FIM-affiliated motorcycle federations in the Asian continent. All member federations of FIM ASIA, must abide by these statutes.

2.1.2 Associate and Honorary members:

FIM ASIA may also recognize associate members without voting rights such as federations recognized by their government, organizations with direct links to the motorcycle manufacturers and honorary members.


Any national motorcycle federation with the intent to become a member of FIM ASIA must send a written application implying such intent and an undertaking to pay the annual membership dues. This however shall be subject to the federation’s compliance with all other requirements and regulations prescribed by the FIM.

Admission shall be pronounced at the General Assembly, upon the proposal of the Management Council. The same procedure applies to associate members except for the clause concerning FIM membership. 2.3 LOST OF MEMBERSHIP

The membership is lost either by resignation, addressed to FIM ASIA by registered post at least 60 days prior to the date of the next General Assembly; or by expulsion. Expulsion is automatic when the member loses its FIM membership, or when it has been negligent in the payment/settlement of its dues/liabilities to FIM ASIA for two (2) consecutive years.

An FIM Asia member may also be expelled by the General Assembly upon the proposal of the Management Council for any serious reason or neglect in their payment of membership dues, but not before being given due process to be heard and present their reasons/defense.


Each member of FIM ASIA with no outstanding/unpaid liabilities and who have expressed their prior intent to participate by nominating their delegates to the General Assembly shall be represented in the said meeting.


The official language of FIM ASIA is English. All documents and publications must be published in English.


The FIM ASIA bodies are the following:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Management Council
  • The Commissions
  • The Auditors
  • The Disciplinary Bodies


3.2.1 Composition

The General Assembly shall consist of one representative from each member country. Powers

3.2.2 Powers

By virtue of their appointment as the duly authorized representative of their FMN, the General Assembly, upon the proposal of the FMNs, the Commissions, and/or the Board of Directors shall have the following powers :

  • Defines the general policies of FIM ASIA
  • Approves the annual report presented by the Management Council
  • Determines the sums of dues and different fees
  • Approves the accounts of the previous year
  • Fixes the budget for the following year
  • Elects the President
  • Elects the members of the Management Council
  •  Elect Auditors
  •  Creates and dissolves all FIM ASIA agencies
  •  Pronounces itself on all matters related to the goals of the association and not dealt with by another authority

3.2.3 Meetings

General Assembly shall meet at least once a year on a chosen/agreed date. However, an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly may take place any time with the presence of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the total number of member federations of the CONU.

The venue and date of the General Assembly will be decided in the preceding General Assembly. The country where the FIM ASIA Secretariat is located shall be the venue of the next General Assembly when no motions or intent for hosting are manifested by any of the FMNs during a General Assembly.

Electronic Meetings/Decisions – In order to address pressing matters in FIM Asia’s sporting and non- sporting endeavors, FIM Asia electronic means (teleconference and video conference meetings, voting by email) shall be accepted in resolving pending issues and concerns and in disseminating information. Such decisions, whenever applicable, shall take effect immediately and will formally be ratified in the next General Assembly.


Each country member is entitled to only one vote. These votes will be expressed by the respective federation’s voting members or representative.

3.3.1 Convening notice and quorum

The General Assembly shall convene on issues presented by the President and circulated to the parties concerned at least thirty (30) days before the scheduled date of the voting.

The General Assembly shall convene upon the written request of at least one-third (1/3) of the member countries.

All useful documents must be enclosed with the convening notice.

The convening notice must indicate the place, date and time of the General Assembly as well as the agenda drawn up by the Management Council.

The General Assembly can only take decisions when at least one-third (1/3) of the CONU’s total members are present.

3.3.2 Agenda
The agenda shall include:

  • Approval of the minutes of the last General Assembly
  • Approval of the President report presented in the name of the Management Council